Le's Nail & Spa

About Us

Located at 4693 Telephone Rd Ventura, California, Le’s Nail & Spa is voted to be the best nail salon in this area. With long years working in this aspect, we ensure to bring you satisfaction when using any services. Le’s Nail & Spa is proud of providing you with a diversity of Nail and Spa services such as Manicures & Pedicures, and facials…. You will have a wide available choice to pick up some which you need. Our talented and experienced staff is able to create an incredibly beautiful nail for you in a short time. The cozy space that you may find at Le’s Nail & Spa is also one of our pride to pamper customers. We strive to decorate the salon to turn it into a luxurious and convenient place to bring you the greatest moments. Moreover, cleanliness is our priority too to guarantee customers’ health and safety. Each client coming to Le’s Nail & Spa will be served with a different sterilized instrument. At our salon, you only need to sit back, relieve all the stresses and enjoy comfortable feelings. Visit us to find all you need here!